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Crime Inspection

From crime inspections, to facilities inspections and health, whatever your requirement, the Mobile Inspections Application easily customize the application to meet your specific needs. With a Windows 8 tablet in hand, individuals can perform onsite inspection, including data entry, capturing signatures and photographic documentation and video. Field-collected data can sync with back-end management systems to help staff view and analyze detailed statistics, detect trends, and apply business intelligence (BI) techniques.

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Fleet Management

Maintain all information related to the car, bus, van, taxi, plane, ships or military vehicles. (Name, make, model, year, license plate, registration number, insurance policy number, mileage, and VIN, if you can think it up, you can easily customize and manage it.

Take as many pictures and save them within the application. User will be able to take and save pictures for (registration card, insurance card, license plate, pictures of the car, tickets, receipts and business cards)

Track many different types of expenses such as engine services, brakes and save GPS information related to that expense. Add as many notes as needed and detailed documentation. Use charts to monitor, track and predict situations.

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Tribal Member

Tribal Member Management Application: Developed for the Native American community, the Tribal Member Management application allows tribal governments to track items such as member bloodlines, community services, student performance, and more through a modern dashboard view. Eliminates paper driven processes and consolidates important information view into one common portal. Monitor and review trends through the use of charts and other visualization and identify information early.

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Election Tool Data Sheet

Election Transition Tool

The election transition tool is a cloud-based solution with a web portal and backend enterprise management system based on the Microsoft Azure and CRM platforms. The transition tool is a framework designed to provide a communication portal for sharing relevant information and news with the public and facilitate the efficient submittal and processing of resumes for political-appointment positions.

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